Intelligent Houses

HOS is a full-featured home automation software with

support for Apple HomeKit, digitalSTROM, BACnet, KNX,

and almost every IP controlled devices.

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Versatility & Design

House Operating System (HOS) is designed to control

light switches, thermostats, door locks, audio/video,

equipment, cameras, garage doors,water valves,

energy monitors and much more.

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User Friendly Interface

A dedicated library of rooms profiles and remote

controls skins operated with a very user friendly

interface professionally designed to meet with

most modern houses rooms styles and devices.

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WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Got) technology allow you to use

your iPhone/iPad camera to add real rooms / devices photos / skins

to be controlled by a simple touch.

VR (Virtual Reality) simulate the exact actions of the real

push-button wall / in-line switches in your room with a set-up

easier than setting a channel on your conventional TV.

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Apple TV/4K Support

HOS is for all family members fully supported for Apple TV

with support for Apple HomeKit as a Hub thru iCloud.

Full support for digitalSTROM, BACnet, SONOS

and almost any ip controlled devices.

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About Us

  • WE ARE
  • House Operating System (HOS) is a smart home software solutions for a full-featured home automation operating systems that support all in one applications for all smart home systems and protocols worldwide.

  • Our target is to provide solutions are compatibile with almost all smart home devices, seeking so for a pleasurable and easy house automation user experience.

  • The softwares we presented are apple iOS/TvOS application that is configured and controlled from anywhere in the world with any web-enabled iOS, Apple Watch, and TvOS device.

Recently Supported

Latest Smart devices newly added to the House Operating System (HOS) family and recognized with our systems.

Apple HomeKit
Siri WiFi

Philips Hue

Would you want purple lighting in the bedroom and fuschia in the living room? With Philips Hue Colors and brightness can now be controlled.

All In One
WiFi Alarms TTS NAS

Sonos Play

Listen to your favorite music with a click on a wall switch, Voice notifications, alarms Internet radio, and More.

dS WiFi

dss20 Server

digitalSTROM smart server, connecting multiple devices and build your own smart home yourself with high level upgradability.


Honeywell WEB-8000

Best in class features for streamline building management, Includes standard drivers (BACnet, LON, Modbus, SNMP and KNX).

IP Controls
WiFi iR Learning IP Controls

iRTrans Smart Remote Control

Control every infra-red remote controlled devices with single unit or thru a wall switches, easily learning for new remote controls.

Our Services

About our services and applications details.


House Operating System (HOS) is accessible from home or anywhere in the world with just about any iOS device iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV


House Operating System (HOS) service provides easy remote access without storing your sensitive data in the cloud.


House Operating System (HOS) ensuring better security, control and reliability, with a backup / restore functions.

All In One

House Operating System (HOS) controls a single / multi houses, each with it's own profile within a single iOS device.


New! Live Edition Arrives

Live Monitor and Control for Apple HomeKit, BACnet/BMS, KNX/EIB, digitalSTROM, and IP Controls.

More Details

Our Team

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Words from house owners, clients, and professionals who have experienced the House Operating System (HOS).

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    I am finding more and more use for HOS every day. I am amazed at how powerful the application can be and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others that are attempting to automate their houses.


    House Owner
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    I told the client I was helping ‘just watch, I’ll turn on the light in this house remotely and You can watch it from inside with the camera then if you don't like it i can switch to another all from the same app, 🙂 HOS didn’t let me down! I signed with the client in only about 20 minutes!


    Real Estate Advisor
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    HOS is performing brilliantly. After a while you just forget it’s there. It appears to have no performance penalties, even on the antiquated network we have here.


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Latest Updates

img 11 Jun, 2017

Version 1.98

- Apple TV Is Now Supported For The House Operating System (HOS).

- Siri Commands Is Supported For All Apple Home Kit Devices Paired Thru The System.

- English, Arabic, French, and Russian Languages Is Supported With Voice Narration And Siri Language Recognition.

img 13 Oct, 2017

Version 2.07

- Enhanced Full BACnet & KNX Control Supporting All DDC/PLC Analog/Digital Inputs/Outputs Controls.

- Total iP Control Supporting html & Soap Calls For Your Custom DIY Home Automation With Templates For SONOS, iRtranse, & IFTTT.

- New Custom Icons Allow You To Choose The Desired Icon For Each Button You Create.

img 02 Nov, 2018

Version 3.44

- New Live Monitor And Control Option.

- HDR quality for dS Control Panel with Enhanced device list and smoother User interface.

- Ready for iPad Pro 3rd Edition, iPhone X[s]