All in 1, One 4 All Multiple Choices

Freedom in choosing what smart home system to install in your house is a huge advantage that no other app would do to you, By choosing a system that supports every smart home system including any of these capabilities, Apple HomeKit, KNX, BACnet, digitalSTROM and TCP/IP Control, We assure you that HOS Smart home is the choice of freedom. This advantage allow us to embrace some was considered extremely sophisticated devices to control Like HVAC Air condition automation systems, Hotel Room BMS automation, Quality Control clean rooms, Energy Management Systems EMS, Automated Speakers Matrix Systems (SONOS Speakers) and many more.

Notification Fades! But Visually Still Remains

When a smart device change status like a garage door opened or a smoke detected for a sensor it shows notification for this status but fades within 2 seconds. HOS keep this status notification visually appearing and remains as long as the status still the same, This action allow you to notice critical status of the device all the time from every device you have even if you miss the notification or even accidentally erase it.

  • Figure | Text live animated stickers & text indicators.

Lake House is One Click Away One App, Multiple Properties.

It is very helpful to watch any suspicious activities happening in your house while you're away and even take counter actions against like locking doors, switch off electricity and calling for help. The enhanced technology and advanced automation security provided by HOS Smart Home allow you to switch between infinite number of smart houses or properties controlled and monitored with the same app on the same device. Also allow you to make a multiple profiles for the same house for other family members or guests. One touch is all that it needs to take you from a house to another with a full monitoring and total control of each and every smart accessory, device.

Trust the Animation Speed Dynamic Responsive Interface

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Got) technology included in HOS Smart Home allow the system to use several dynamic responsive 3D animations that reacts exactly as it do in real world, like a Fan that turns faster as the actual rotation speeding up or a light that changing color status as the real bulb changing its hue. Adding improved Apple Watch preset/scene view that allow the user to simply replay previously recorded room scenes for Apple HomeKit, BACnet, KNX, and digitalSTROM.

Some Mess Up Your Creation? Secure Edit Mode & Profiles

It’s hard to believe how simple and super easy it is to edit or create a smart switch, the enhanced edit mode permit you to change a switch location, a switch sticker or a switch action, also allow you to choose the suitable action protocol to apply from Apple HomeKit, BACnet, KNX, digitalSTROM, or TCP/IP. Stickers can be selected for the switch among several animated stickers to match the actual function of the switch. After finishing your adjustments you can secure your profile and protect it from accedental mishandling or a child hands, Lock edit mode with your own special password and it will disappear from the menu totally and only appears again when you unlock it using the correct password.

Get Alerted in Time Live Alarm & Status Stickers

New! Alarm & Status animated sticker views.

Always prepare yourself for actions on alarms with a smart processing engine alarm & status prediction system, several collection of powerful 3d dynamic stickers. Makes it impossible to miss an alert or a status as it happend at the exact moment it do.