Comfy Solution! Smart Control

Why walk to the kitchen when you can boil the kettle using HOS Smart Home for digitalSTROM? It's always known as one of the pioneer of the smart home automation over the AC powerline, digitalSTROM empowered with a very fast and reliable automation hardwars, Now you can elevate your conventional digitalSTROM interface in combination with HOS Visual Reality technology to enjoy more smart solutions in a visual real feal mode, or combine it with other plugins to make your dream smart house a truth.

Single Photo Thats all it Takes

Design your smart home controller with your actual room image as a background and infinity numbers of personalized alpha layers to add depth to your control and reality, you give your digitalSTROM control a fresh new look. Using your photo library or an iPhone/iPad camera you add wallpaper photo for your room then apply the smart switches on it then start getting control of your house. HOS smart home for digitalSTROM using a super user friendly interface for easier automation control as simple as using your conventional TV remote control.

digitalSTROM On AppleTV

AppleTV gives unique control over your digitalSTROM smart home system using HOS which is the one and only digitalSTROM control on AppleTV. digitalSTROM uses AC Powerline for automation communication which make it an easy to install, with HOS Smart home for digitalSTROM you can have a visual control with real feel view for your favorite digitalSTROM smart home system.

dS Compatibility All Products Brands.

digitalSTROM Add-On Accessories

HOS is ready for each and every current and future digitalSTROM compatible products that exist or might arise later.