An Old BMS? Time To Upgrade

Monitor, desktop, keyboard & mouse, Is this your current BMS system for 2019 and ahead? well maybe this was too conventional but maybe it's also sufficient for your needs, Some times it's getting so slow like feeling it's stuck but it's still working isn't it? Even a small change or text decoration needed a maintenance tech. but it's standing still BMS, Why taking all this for so long? Well thats enough, How about a small handheld device, arm wearable, or smart tv to do all this with the most super user friendly interface, best efficiency, least time to build, live audio/visual monitor & control and affordable price and still keeping your precious BMS old system in parallel. It's time to experience HOS Smart Home for BACnet live works on iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and Apple Watch, Once you do you won't go back in time anymore.

Expand The Expandable Multi-Layers Point of View

A different dimension of innovation, HOS new Multi-Layers option allowing you to add infinity numbers of transparent layers of alpha pictures one over each other to build a beautiful unique custom BMS system view fitting and not interfering with the original room design, adds a touch of reality to the monitoring & control represented in super user friendly interface. Loaded with a pre-installed dedicated library of rooms profiles and animated AHU & remote control skins professionally designed to mix with most modern houses rooms, devices and comply with most BMS/BACnet standards. As we never forget the overall design we added an option to blur the far layers (background layers) to add depth to the overall view and draw the user attention and concentration to the near layer (top layer) which mainly holding the audio/visual monitoring & control animated stickers and switches.

The Bigger The Better! 1st & Only BMS On AppleTV

BACnet is the Latest and the best building automation control system protocol by ASHRAE, Imagine this powerful BMS system on your big HDMI/4K screen of your AppleTV, Easy to build, number-one to monitor and optimal to control. Creating a working BMS was a big issue which needed a special technical level of knowledge and engineering experience, While HOS make it more easier to choose the correct tag (BACnet control point) and the favorite sticker using Siri remote control tilting while clicking you move the sticker to the accurate location on the TV screen. Animated Stickers with a two-factor monitoring views text and animation with a dynamic speed monitor reflect the actual speed on the device like an exhaust fan that rotates faster as the actual fan increases speed. Audio/Visual user friendly control one click on the sticker for Manual/Automatic Mode, Click and hold for same sticker to decrease/increase values with a hi-quality sound effects reflects the real sound of the device as it turn on or off.

Never Miss Critical Alerts Diagnostic Alarm and Status.

With the latest in processing and diagnostic techniques, HOS Smart Home 4.0 is better than ever. Live Alarm & Status System shows many device status and alerts in animated 3D views, for BACnet & Apple HomeKit as well like when a pump gets a Fault Status, an actuator is Out of Service, a fan is Overdriven, a filter dirty Alert, a sensor is getting Low Battery, an outlet switch is Tampered , a door Lock is Jammed, a light bulb changes Hue Color, and many more.

BMS/BACnet Presets In Hand New! BMS Recordable Scenes

First time ever you could have a presets on your BMS system so you could have several adjustments for different situations or events on your system on demand, which you can access it with one click right on your iPhone/iPad, AppleTV and even on your Apple Watch. There's a time when you feel that this zone/room is perfectly adjusted for occasion or special event where the temperature and the fan is set to a comfy breezy point, the light saturation and hue is so accommodating with the LED display and the music sound is equalized and distributed perfectly allover the place, and you wish to save this perfect ambiance with every details of it, How about if it's possible? With a one touch scene recorder on HOS, allow you to store 4 presets for each zone (thats 24 presets per room) of all devices together even from different brands or protocols, BACnet, Apple HomeKit & KNX. which you can play it anytime from any device or using Apple Watch presets/scenes views.

Several Controllers BACnet Famous Brands

All BACnet Controllers, Routers & Gateways

Ready for each and every current and future BACnet Controller that exist or might arise later. Name any BMS BACnet controllers, device, router, gateway, switch, thermostat, blind, fan, humidifier, air purifier, sensor or bridge. Prepare yourself for the future cause it's coming now.