KNX is Alive! Realtime Control

What a simple touch and hold can do on HOS is so incredibly amazing, This simple action is all what's needed for a dynamic 3D animation to react exactly as it do in real world, like a fan that turns faster as the actual rotation speeding up, or a blinds that open/close as the real blinds actuator acts the same, Above all there is a realtime text values gives an actual percentage of the device as it do in real world, All with a touch and hold. A single touch turns devices On and Off.

Listen! The Sound Of Home

Not only you get the condition of a device in text as someone turn it on, and not only you get it moving as it do in real world, but also you hear the sound of the real device action as you click it on your iPhone/iPad or AppleTV, Well thats not all, There is the status of the device all the time keep the status notifications visually appearing and remains as long as the status still the same even if you miss the notification or accidentally erase it.

Test animated sticker audio/visual views.

HOS is equipped with a collection of powerful 3d dynamic stickers. Makes it impossible to not recognize each switch exact function, So you'll never flick the wrong switch again.

Keep Moments Alive Recordable Scenes

There's a time when you feel that your favorite zone is perfectly adjusted, the temperature and the fan is set to a comfy breezy point, the light saturation and hue is so accommodating with the TV display and the music sound is equalized and distributed perfectly allover the place, and you wish to save this perfect ambiance with every details of it, How about if it's possible? With a one touch scene recorder on HOS, allow you to store 4 presets for each zone (thats 24 presets per room) of all devices together even from different brands or protocols, Apple HomeKit, BACnet, KNX. which you can play it anytime from any device or using Apple Watch presets/scenes views.

You Click, HOS Talks First & Only KNX on AppleTV

You don’t have to guess what action you've clicked earlier or what device you've accidentally activate, HOS speak to you straightforward if you enable voice mode. Tells you about recent actions as you apply it plus the sound effect of each device as you use it, This not only helping you determine what action the accessory is doing even if it’s far away but also some how helps as an extra hearing guide incase of difficulties in sight.

Several Gateways KNX Famous Brands

All KNX IP Gateways

Always ready for each and every current and future KNX IP Gateways that exist or might arise later.